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3 easy steps to health & productivity
1. Choose workout
Select one or multiple workout groups which will be shuffled during your workout pauses.
2. Choose how often you want to workout
Slide the timer to suit your needs for a break and some activity.
3. Select your trainer
Launch fitster
This starts the timer countdown.
More settings
Adjust the smart timer & more
See how the workout looks
without waiting
Launching the settings
Fitster icon is located on the taskbar when the program is running. Click on it (Right-click on PC) to access the settings panel.

A friendly reminder
Before the launch of exercises you will be reminded to get ready.
Postpone in case of
urgent tasks
You can postpone the workout twice for 5 minutes if you have any urgent things to finish. Facebook doesn’t count!
The workout screen
Timer of individual exercise
Workout timer
Exercises to repeat
Textual instruction
Get fit now!